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Access rates in two different ways with new search tools.

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Booking made easy

Learn how to book, tender and track your shipments.

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Allotment booking

Learn how to do allotment booking with our helpful guides.

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Understanding users

Discover user types, account management and permissions.

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Create an eAWB and HAWB with a few simple steps.

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Invoicing online

Manage your invoices with our online portal.

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Jettainer Registration

Keep track of the ULDs in use associated with your PAL.

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Live Animal (AVI) booking

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We want to make it easy to do business with us. Skip to the section you need for answers to commonly asked questions.

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I am not a known shipper. Can I ship with American Airlines Cargo?

You must be a known shipper to ship your goods with us, but there are two exceptions — transporting pets (or Live Animals) and documents weighing less than 16 ounces. Otherwise, you need to have a Precise Account Locator — or PAL — to ship with us.

Click here to learn more about shipping pets.

What is a PAL?

A Precise Account Locator — or PAL — is a number we use to identify you as a frequent shipper, and it includes your location and security status.

Unless you're shipping animals, you probably need a PAL. In accordance with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), we only accept shipments weighing 16 ounces or greater from Known Shippers or TSA-approved indirect air carriers like freight forwarders, integrators, couriers and consolidators.

Click here to learn more on getting a PAL to start shipping with us.

How do I get a PAL?

You can apply for a PAL by completing our PAL application here.

How do I become a Known Shipper?

You can apply to become a Known Shipper by completing our PAL application. After completing the PAL application, we will submit your information to the TSA, who will review your request to become a Known Shipper.

Once you're approved as a Known Shipper, you will receive your PAL number from us via email.

How long does it take to get a PAL?

The short answer is, it depends on how long it takes the TSA to award you Known Shipper status. It could take up to 6 months.

If you're already known with another carrier, it usually takes less time. Because the TSA will reach out to you throughout the process, we recommend making yourself available when they contact you to expedite the process.

Can an individual without a business address become a Known Shipper?

We only create PALs for businesses. However, any business approved by the TSA can become a Known Shipper and receive a PAL.

Can I list more than one closest airport?

No, you must select one closest airport code per PAL. If you need to ship from another state, you will need to have a separate PAL for that location.

Where does American Airlines Cargo have nonstop service?

We have hundreds of nonstop flights worldwide and periodically add to or adjust our schedule based on demand.

Click here to learn more on our Schedules page.

Where does American Airlines Cargo have widebody service?

We operate a variety of widebody aircraft throughout our network. The size of aircraft on a given route is impacted by several factors and is under constant evaluation.

Click here to learn more on our Schedules page.

Can I ship my excess baggage or other personal effects by Priority Parcel Service?

No. In order to ship any goods on American Airlines or American Eagle, you must be verified as a known shipper. If you are a business or nonprofit interested in shipping with us, please begin the verification process by signing up for a Precise Account Locator (PAL).

Are PPS and freight service available to every destination American Airlines serves?

We offer PPS and/or Cargo service at most American Airlines cities within the United States and many international locations.

Click here to learn more on our Facilities page.

What are the weight and height restrictions for the cargo I can ship?

It depends on the aircraft. To make this easier, we’ve created a tool to help you determine the height, weight and container compatibility for the aircraft we operate.

Click here to access our aircraft and container compatibility tools.

Do your cargo locations provide refrigeration for perishable products?

Most of our larger facilities have refrigeration, and it’s available on a first come, first serve basis.

Learn more about how to package perishables

Can you give me directions to the nearest cargo facility?

Of course. Click here to find the American Airlines Cargo facility closest to you.

Is my shipment insured? If so, how much insurance is included?

Our limits of liability may vary based on the type of service you are using.

Click here to view our Liability, Claims and Insurance page for details.

What mode of payment do you accept?

Our cargo facilities accept American Airlines Cargo credit accounts or credit cards only. Payment can also be arranged through one of our third party payment processors – CargoSprint or PayCargo. These providers do charge an additional fee and AWB charges must be known at the time payment is made via these providers.

Click here to learn more about the forms of payment we accept.

Do you accept cash payments?

No, our facilities are cashless.

Does cargo accept American Airlines vouchers for payment?

Unfortunately, AAdvantage and Business Extra miles cannot be exchanged for payment of cargo.

Click here to learn more about the forms of payment we accept.

If I don't have a credit account, can I pay for a shipment online?

Payments are only accepted in person, and the cardholder must be present with valid identification. We do not accept payments over the phone under any circumstances.

If you are interested in establishing a credit account with us, complete our credit application and submit it to us at:

American Airlines Cargo Accounting Credit Dept.
P.O. Box 619616, MD 8B 403
DFW Airport, Texas 75261-9616

Can I pay my invoice online?

Yes, you can view, approve and pay invoices electronically when you set up a credit account. You can access your invoices by logging in to your account.

How much is the import fee?

The import fee varies by country. Please refer to the Accessorial Fees document within the Additional Fees & Surcharge tab.

What is a letter of guarantee?

A letter of guarantee is a statement in writing that the shipper will be responsible for payment of services in the event that the consignee fails to do so. This letter must be included in the paperwork tendered for "collect" forms of payment.

Please note this option is not available for Priority Parcel Service.

Does the IATA Multilateral Agreement cover domestic shipments?

The IATA Multilateral Agreement only covers eAWB for international shipments. A bilateral agreement with American needs to be completed to participate in domestic eAWB and requires your signature. The bilateral agreement can be found at

Once I'm activated, am I active in all domestic stations?

Upon signing the bilateral agreement, you are automatically activated for all domestic stations. Please allow 5 business days to process all activation requests.

Can I create and manage domestic eAWB at

Yes. As long as you have a user profile on, you can create a domestic eAWB by following the same steps as you do when creating an international eAWB, completing all fields relevant to their particular shipment.

Do I need to book online in order to create a domestic eAWB?

No, you can book your shipment however you prefer, and then create domestic eAWBs by locating the shipment in the Bookings dashboard on once confirmed.

Is Priority Parcel Service (PPS) included in domestic eAWB?

Yes, we do accept domestic eAWB for PPS. A pre-booking is required to participate in eAWB.

Will provide a PDF copy of the MAWB?

Not at this time. Once an online booking is completed and confirmed, the website will provide a booking summarization that can be printed if needed.

Can I still bring the MAWB paper copy when I first start sending eAWB?

Yes, we encourage newly-activated forwarders to bring a copy of the MAWB for the first few shipments. This way, our team can compare to the electronic message and validate accuracy. Once the information is validated and you’re comfortable, the paper copy is no longer necessary.

Can I drop off my Priority Parcel Service (PPS) shipment at the cargo terminal?

Yes, in most instances you can. Please check facility information for details about your origin city.

What is the earliest or latest I can drop off cargo before a flight?

Our drop-off times depend on the commodity, service level and facility.

To find your drop off time, find your drop-off facility and scroll down to "Minimum Drop-off Times".

I was on time to my drop-off location, so why did I miss the cut off?

It's all about weight and balance. When referring to our recommended drop-off times, we’re working backwards from a separate internal time we call our lockout time. This is the when all cargo items, bags and freight are closed out so the weight and balance teams can estimate and procure fuel for the aircraft.

While we do post a minimum drop-off time on, we recommend arriving at our facility even earlier to ensure your freight doesn’t miss our lockout time.

Do you provide packing supplies at the airport?

We offer packing supplies if you’re using our PPS service, but not for freight. Our PPS drop-off locations offer a PPS box or bag and tape that can be used for smaller articles.

Can AAdvantage members earn miles for PPS and/or freight shipments?

While we do not offer AAdvantage miles for freight shipments, we do offer travel benefits through our Business Extra program.

Click here to view our Business Extra page for complete details.

Do you offer pallet exchanges?

Yes, we offer pallet exchanges at certain stations. Check out our facility information for details.

What are the dimensions of an LD3 and other containers?

You can find the dimensions of the most commonly used shipping containers with our aircraft and container compatibility tools.

Are E or EH containers available for sale at American Airlines Cargo locations?

No, but you may purchase them from your local moving or storage company.

Where is temperature-controlled cargo held in each facility?

The dedicated temperature-controlled spaces in our facilities are designed to protect pharmaceuticals, life science products and climate-sensitive items from fluctuating temperatures. These spaces are designed to accommodate both active and passive ExpediteTC shipments.

For active shipments, we have a designated section in each warehouse that has been strategically selected to avoid direct sunlight and inclement weather.

For passive shipments, we store them in the appropriate controlled room temperature (CRT), refrigerated (COL) or frozen (FRO) facilities to protect critical pharmaceutical products. When facilities are not available, ExpediteTC shipments are stored away from doors and dock openings and kept away from direct sunlight.

Do you offer active container rentals?

We currently have leasing agreements with CSafe and Envirotainer, and we’re always looking for opportunities to partner with more. If you’d like to ask about leasing a container, we can work with you in securing a lease on your behalf. Please contact for rate information.

How do I return a leased active container?

Both CSafe and Envirotainer have drop-off locations all over the world. For one-way leases, we encourage you to return the container to one of the approved facilities. For round-trip leases, you must return the containers back to us according to the agreed-upon time schedule. Demurrage fees may apply for containers returned later than the agreed-upon time.

What documentation do I need to ship Human Remains within the U.S. or internationally?

In order to ship Human Remains with us either domestically or internationally, we need you to provide us with a signed certificate of death, burial permit and/or burial removal permit as required by state law.

In addition to these required documents, you are responsible for securing any required documentation from the destination country if shipping internationally. We encourage you to contact the appropriate international consulate and/or embassy for information regarding documentation requirements.

Our dedicated TLC help desk can help provide you with all the information you need to transport Human Remains.

Visit our TLC page to learn more.

Where can I go to learn more about transporting pets?

Visit our pets page or view our frequently asked questions.

How do I transport my pet?

You can get step-by-step details on how to transport your pet.

How do I submit a claim?

In the unfortunate event a shipment is lost, damaged or destroyed, we may be considered liable for specific amounts in regards to the value of your shipment. The back of your Air Waybill (AWB) has specific and detailed information on the liability and valuation of your shipment while in our possession.

Click here to begin the process.

How do I request a proof of delivery?

To receive written proof of delivery on a specific shipment, for U.S./Canada origin AWBs, fill out the Proof of Delivery Request Form and send with a $35.00 USD check or money order per AWB, payable to American Airlines, to the following address:

American Airlines
Cargo Revenue Accounting
Imaging Department
PO Box 619616
MD HDQ 4428
DFW Airport, TX 75261-9616

What will I need to provide when submitting a claim?

We're confident in our service, but in the event that your shipment gets lost or damaged, you can submit a claim at the link above. Make sure to have all of the relevant information handy to complete the form.

  • AWB
  • Original Invoice
  • Inspection Report
  • Photos of damaged pieces
  • AWB or delivery receipt (from American Airlines)
  • Repair bill or estimate
  • Salvage value
  • Current location of damaged goods
  • Payment receipts

Do you have any tips to make submitting a claim easier?

To initiate the form online, you’ll need to enter the AWB number (including airline code) and the date of AWB tender.

  • Make sure you enter the original tender date for the shipment, even if it didn’t originate with American Airlines
  • If the system is unable to match the AWB and tender date, try other dates around the believed tender date – often the date the system is validating is within a day or two of what was originally attempted

If the system isn’t allowing a claim to be created, please email to troubleshoot the form.