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With the new, enhanced tools and features are at your fingertips. We’ve included user guides below to assist you in navigating the tools and resources available to you.

Understanding users

Discover user types, account management and permissions.

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Rate search

Access rates in two different ways with new search tools.

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Mastering eFreight

Create an eAWB and HAWB with a few simple steps.

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Booking made easy

Learn how to book, tender, and track your shipments.

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Invoicing online

Manage your invoices with our online portal.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you give me directions to the nearest cargo facility?
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Yes. Please visit Facility Information to find the American Airlines Cargo facility closest to you.

How does the military discount work?
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We are pleased to offer all active members of any U.S. military force and their dependents a discount of 50% off of our published rates for transporting their pets domestically. Eligibility guidelines are listed below:

  • Anyone is welcome to transport a live animal with American Airlines Cargo. However, some countries may require a broker and/or freight forwarder for transport. For general freight, due to TSA security regulations, you need to be a Known Shipper.
  • Discount is available for personal shipments only. Breeder shipments are not eligible for this discount.

For Priority Parcel Shipments, you must present proper military identification at the time you drop the shipment off. For ExpediteFS shipments, you (for prepaid shipments) or the consignee (for charges collect shipments) are required to present the proper military identification. By proper identification, we mean:

  • Green Active Duty Military ID card, or
  • Discharge papers, if within 7 days of discharge, or
  • Tan Uniform Services Dependent ID card marked "Active"

All of our standard security rules will apply. Call 1-800-227-4622 for more information.

What are the procedures for transporting animals?
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Our goal is to ensure the animals transported on American Airlines Cargo enjoy a safe and comfortable trip, and we have designed our animal transport policies to reflect this. Please visit our Animals page for more details and instructions.

Is my shipment insured? If so, how much insurance is included?
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Our limits of liability may vary based on the type of service you are using. Please review Liability, Claims and Insurance for details.

Do you provide packing supplies at the airport?
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We do with Priority Parcel Service (PPS), which offers a PPS box or PPS bag and PPS tape that can be used for smaller articles. Please review Facility Information for more details.

Can I drop off my Priority Parcel Service (PPS) shipment at the American Airlines Cargo terminal?
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Yes, in most instances you can. Please check Facility Information for details about your origin city.

Can AAdvantage members earn miles for PPS and/or Freight Shipments?
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We do not offer AAdvantage miles for PPS or Cargo shipments. However, companies may receive travel benefits through our Business Extra program. View Business Extra for complete details.

Can I ship my excess baggage or other personal effects by PPS?
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According to our current security procedures, you have to be verified as a known shipper in order to ship on American Airlines and American Eagle. If you are a business or nonprofit interested in shipping with us, please begin the verification process by establishing a Precise Account Locator (PAL).

Are Priority Parcel Service (PPS) and freight service available to every destination American Airlines, American Eagle serves?
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We offer PPS and/or Cargo service at most American Airlines cities within the United States and many international locations. See Facility Information for specific details.

Where does American Airlines Cargo have nonstop service?
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We have hundreds of nonstop flights worldwide and add new nonstop routes whenever the industry demands it. More information can be found on our Schedules page.

How do I request a Proof of Delivery?
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Please see Proof of Delivery under Customer Service.

Where does American Airlines Cargo have widebody service?
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We operate a variety of widebody aircraft throughout our network. The size of aircraft in a given route is impacted by several factors and is under constant evaluation as those factors change. See Where We Fly to download our widebody network maps, and Schedules to download our current widebody schedules.

Do your cargo locations provide refrigeration for perishable products?
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Most of our larger American Airlines Cargo facilities have refrigeration. It is important to note that refrigeration is on a first come, first serve basis and is not guaranteed. Read more information on packaging perishables.

What are the dimensions of an LD3 and other containers?
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You can find the dimensions of the most commonly used shipping containers in Containers and Aircraft Information.

Are E or EH containers available for sale at American Airlines Cargo locations?
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No, but you may purchase them from your local moving or storage company.

I am not a known shipper. Can I ship with American Airlines Cargo?
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The only thing you may ship without being a known shipper are Pets. Learn more about shipping Pets.

For additional help with website technical support, site navigation and general shipping instructions, please call the Help Desk at 1-800-334-5299, option 1. Or feel free to use the email feature on the Customer Service page.

COVID-19 Update

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