Precise Account Locator (PAL)

A Precise Account Locator (PAL) is an internal number that we use to identify you as frequent shipper, your location and security status.

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According to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), American Airlines may accept shipments weighing 16 ounces or greater only from Known Shippers or TSA Approved Indirect Air Carriers (e.g. Freight Forwarders, Integrators, Couriers, Consolidators, etc).

Medical, Funeral Home, Government, or Commercial and Private Shippers.

Individuals or businesses that offer their own goods for transportation

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These types of shippers must undergo a TSA-mandated security process to become Verified Known. To become a Known Shipper to American Airlines Cargo, complete the PAL Application. It is very important to provide accurate and complete information in your application.

Once received, we will submit your application to the TSA's Known Shipper Management System (KSMS) for approval. Upon review, American Airlines will notify you by email of the status of your application.

Indirect Air Carrier (IAC)

Courier, Consolidator, Integrator, or Freight Forwarder Company

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Indirect Air Carriers (IAC) must be approved by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) before shipping on American Airlines.

If you are already a TSA Approved IAC, please provide a copy of your Indirect Air Carrier certificate via email to: and complete the PAL Application.

To apply for an IAC certificate, please visit the TSA website.

Live Animal Shippers

Breeder, Animal Rescue, or Zoological Shipper

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A PAL Application is not required when shipping household pets. For more information call 1-800-CARGOAA (800-227-4622).

If you ship animals on a regular basis, please complete the PAL Application.


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