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Our customer service agents are available daily from 6:00 a.m. to Midnight U.S. Central Time (unless otherwise noted) for booking and shipping instructions. Stay on top of your shipment status 24/7 through our automated voice system at the same number.

Telephone Contacts
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General Cargo

800-CARGOAA English
800-344-4320 Spanish*

Priority Parcel Service

800-777-6931 English
800-344-4320 Spanish*

ExpediteTC Help Desk

Available 24 hours a day


800-227-4622 English
800-344-4320 Spanish*

Interline Service

800-736-3095 English
800-344-4320 Spanish*

Human Remains

Available 24 hours a day
(Jim Wilson Service)
800-AA-TRUST English
800-344-4320 Spanish*

Commercial Accounts

800-622-2000 English
800-344-4320 Spanish*

Freight Forwarders

800-634-7000 English
800-344-4320 Spanish*

Perishable Forwarders

800-222-1334 English

Flight Information

Available 24 hours per day
800-AA FLIFO English
800-228-8356 Spanish*

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Ask us about website technical support, site navigation and shipping in general.

24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week
800-334-5299, Option 1


Cargo Customer Relations

We welcome your input! Email us at and share your comments, past experiences, compliments, concerns or suggestions.

Cargo Claims

We're here for you - just email for general Cargo Claims questions, status updates or help in completing a cargo claim form.

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American Airlines Cargo Consumer Relations

P.O. Box 619616; Mail Drop 4418
DFW Airport, TX 75261-9616

Get proof of delivery.
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We'll be happy to send you written proof of delivery on specific shipments. For U.S./Canada origin AWBs, please fill out a Proof of Delivery Request, enclose a $15 USD check or money order payable to American Airlines, Inc., and send it to the following address:

American Airlines
Cargo Revenue Accounting
Imaging Department
PO Box 619616
MD HDQ 4428
DFW Airport, TX 75261-9616

For all other origin AWBs, please contact your local sales office.

US Airways Contacts

US Airways Cargo customers should continue to contact US Airways Customer Service.

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Facility Relocations

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