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Our customer service team is available 24 hours a day, every day of the year to help. Simply find the most convenient option below and let us get started helping you.

Cargo and Priority Parcel Service

800-227-4622 English
800-344-4320 Spanish
817-786-4291 International


800-227-4622 English
800-344-4320 Spanish

International Contact

Help Desk


Interline Service

800-736-3095 English

Human Remains - TLC

800-228-7878 (U.S.) Help Desk

817-786-4291 (International)

Flight Information

800-AA FLIFO English
800-228-8356 Spanish

MEDEVAC Bookings

800-334-5299 Option 1

Account Setup (PAL)

Write us a letter

American Airlines Cargo

P.O. Box 619616; Mail Drop 4418
DFW Airport, TX 75261-9616

Get proof of delivery

We'll be happy to send you written proof of delivery on specific shipments. For U.S./Canada origin AWBs, please fill out a Proof of Delivery Request, and send with a $35.00 USD check or money order per AWB, payable to American Airlines, to the following address:

American Airlines
Cargo Revenue Accounting
Imaging Department
PO Box 619616
MD HDQ 4428
DFW Airport, TX 75261-9616

For all other origin AWBs, please contact your local sales office.