How to Transport Your Pet

Getting your pets ready to fly takes a little legwork, but the information you provide helps us keep your pets safe and comfortable throughout their journey. This guide will walk you through the entire journey, from gathering check-in documents to finding the right kennel for when you're reunited with your pet.

By following this guide, we’re confident your pet will receive the best-in-class travel experience they deserve.

1Confirm your pet’s eligibility for travel

Because animal safety is our top priority, please take a moment to ensure your pet qualifies for travel on American.

2Confirm you have the right kennel for your pet

Your pet's comfort is the most important part of their journey, so we can't stress enough how important it is for your pet to have the right travel kennel.

3Booking Request

We offer different solutions to ensure the highest levels of safety and comfort for animal transport. We recommend you make your pet's reservation a minimum of 24 hours and a maximum of 10 days prior to travel (30 days if inbound into London Heathrow). No payment is required until the pet is accepted at the airport. 

Request a Booking

Be sure to sign up for notifications so you can receive emails with your pet's tracking information.

Do you plan to create more pet bookings in the future? Consider registering for an account. Get started now.

4Dropping off your pet

Make sure you are fully prepared to drop off your pet in our care.

5Tracking your pet

If you signed up for notifications, you will receive status updates by email. You can also track your pet online with your air waybill number and get flight notifications by accessing

Track Get flight notifications

6Picking up your pet

Pets are typically available for pick up one hour after flight arrival. However, times might vary depending on the destination station and service type.

  • Confirm your pick up location and hours
  • Have your air waybill number and identification readily available
  • Account for time to clear customs if transporting internationally
  • International bookings may require additional handling and customs clearance fees
  • Need help clearing customs into the U.S.? Find out how we can help

7Reunite and share

Our favorite part of transporting pets is bringing them back home to their loved ones. Once you reunite with your furry friends, share your photos with us and let us know how your experience went at!