Whatever you need to ship, we've got you covered.

From freight to parcel to your beloved pets, we offer customized service and different priority levels depending on what you're shipping. Learn more about our different product and priority options to find the opportunity that fits your schedule and budget.

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What are you shipping?

Freight Service

Offering reliable service for express or general freight like textiles and machinery to keep the supply chain moving.

Life Sciences / Healthcare

Check out our suite of products ideally suited for a variety of Life Science and healthcare shipments, from life-saving organs to pharmaceuticals.

Pets & Animals

With American PetEmbark, we offer more than 65 years of expertise transporting animals and are committed to the welfare of every pet in our care.

Small Parcel

Priority Parcel Service (PPS) shipments under 100 lbs get next-flight service and the highest boarding priority.

Temperature Control

With active and passive temperature-controlled solutions, ExpediteTC delivers medicines and vaccines on time, on temp.

Available Priorities

Critical Cargo

For the most vital commodities that need extra care, we can put all eyes on your shipment from start to finish.


Emergency medical materials or vital organs are shipped and expedited by air traffic control on the next flight out.

Available Priorities


For perishable commodities like seafood, fruit and flowers, we make sure they’re fresh off the plane.

High Value

The finer things in life deserve special treatment, which is why your precious cargo is in good hands with us.

Available Priorities

Human Remains

Bringing your loved ones to their final resting place with the honor and care they deserve is a charge we take seriously.

Dangerous Goods

Sometimes it's necessary to ship dangerous goods, so our team works with you to get it there safe and sound.