Step inside the cold chain using ExpediteTC

Temperature-controlled shipping is an ever-evolving process that requires participation from many stakeholders within the supply chain for successful movement of these delicate materials. It all starts with a network that serves more than 150+ cities in more than 40 countries around the globe.

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On time, on temp

Active Solution

Our ExpediteTC active solution employs advanced, temperature-controlled containers to actively regulate temperature levels. As the first US-based passenger carrier approved to carry the full suite of Envirotainer products, we are committed to providing customers consistent, transparent and quality service for sensitive products shipped by air.

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Passive Solution

The passive side of our ExpediteTC product protects pre-packaged shipments that require additional temperature control during transport. Cold packs or dry ice used in packaging are aided by our expert handling and temperature-controlled environments along the cold chain.

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Highest Boarding Priority
100% Flown as Booked Guarantee
Complete Shipment Tracking Online
24/7 Specialized Resource Desk
High Visibility Monitoring
Skilled Shipment Handling
Unique Labeling for Quick Identification
Detailed Checklist/Control Record for each Shipment
Contingency Planning
Worldwide Cold Chain Training Program
Convenient Container Lease Program
Container Repositioning
Re-icing & Battery Changes as Needed (t2 equipment)
QEP Accredited in 60+ Cities in more than 20 Countries
Controlled active container types temperature range
-20°C to +20°C (-4°F to 68°F)
Active Container Management (ACM) Areas
Controlled Room Temperature (CRT), Refrigerated (COL)
and Frozen (FRO) Facilities, where available