On time, on temp with ExpediteTC

Temperature-controlled shipping is critical for delicate materials like pharmaceuticals and medicines. Our state-of-the-art procedures, training and facilities are ready to deliver uninterrupted, temperature-controlled service.

Bringing hope to Peru

When a child was badly burned, a logistics manager in Texas needed to get a skin graft to Peru quickly and reliably. A trusted partner was critical in giving the young patient hope for recovery.

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Invested in your success

A clear path across the Atlantic

We have massive temperature-controlled facilities strategically positioned to protect pharmaceuticals between Europe, the U.S. and Latin America.

Our network into Latin America is critical to bringing medicine to the region. Shipping sensitive pharmaceuticals is complex, but with the infrastructure in place, we're ready to work with forwarders to find customized solutions.

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Serving more than 150 cities

Our global service connects temperature-sensitive medicines and treatments to more than 150 cities and 46 countries around the world.

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Dedicated TC environments

Every station is equipped with environmental areas. At key locations throughout our network, we provide even more protection.

Some of our cargo terminals are equipped with dedicated Controlled Room Temperature (CRT, +15°C to +25°C) and Refrigerated (COL, +2°C to +8°C) facilities, specifically designed to support passive packaging.

Inside our 25,000-square-foot TC facility in Philadelphia »


Temp Range


PHL (CRT) +15°C to +25°C 6,000 sq. ft.
PHL (COL) +2°C to +8°C 3,000 sq. ft.
SJU (CRT) +15°C to +25°C 600 sq. ft.
SJU (COL) +2°C to +8°C 400 sq. ft.
MIA +15°C to +25°C 2,200 sq. ft.
DFW +15°C to +25°C 800 sq. ft.
LHR +15°C to +25°C 300 sq. ft.
ORD +15°C to +25°C 300 sq. ft.
High visibility monitoring

We use a high-visibility system to monitor and track all temperature-sensitive shipments. Pre-alerts are issued at origin, transfer and destination points, and detailed online tracking monitors shipments at every point along the way.

We believe in our process

You hold us accountable. Each temperature-controlled shipment is flagged with a distinct cool blue tag. A detailed checklist is initiated at acceptance, and critical details are collected throughout the life cycle of the shipment. Finally, a copy of the document is made available at pickup.

What's right for you?

We offer both active and passive temperature-controlled solutions. Our procedures have been tested time and again, so you can rest easy knowing your shipment will reach its destination at its desired temperature.


Our active solution employs advanced, temperature-controlled containers to actively regulate temperature levels.


Our passive solution protects pre-packaged shipments with cold packs or dry ice by our expert handlers and temperature-controlled environments along the cold chain.

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Highest Boarding Priority
100% Flown as Booked Guarantee
Complete Shipment Tracking Online
24/7 Specialized Resource Desk
High Visibility Monitoring
Skilled Shipment Handling
Unique Labeling for Quick Identification
Detailed Checklist/Control Record for each Shipment
Contingency Planning
Worldwide Cold Chain Training Program
Convenient Container Lease Program
Container Repositioning
Re-icing & Battery Changes as Needed (t2 equipment)
QEP Accredited in 60+ Cities in more than 20 Countries
Controlled active container types temperature range
-20°C to +20°C (-4°F to 68°F)
Active Container Management (ACM) Areas
Controlled Room Temperature (CRT), Refrigerated (COL)
and Frozen (FRO) Facilities, where available

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PHL TC Facility

Pharma in PHL

Our state-of-the-art facility in Philadelphia has 25,000 square feet of TC space specifically designed to cater to any pharmaceutical need.

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