We recognize the value of your shipments. Beyond their monetary value, these sensitive shipments help change people’s lives all around the world. ExpediteTC is more than just a product name. ExpediteTC is our promise to you that your delicate shipments will arrive on time, on temperature.

Whether you need active or passive solutions, our partnerships ensure quality and adherence to industry standard certifications from acceptance to delivery.

Simply complete the attached form below and email it to our team at EPXTC@aa.com to get your shipment on the move.

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On time. On temp.

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ExpediteTC Benefits

  • Active and passive temp-controlled solutions
  • Dedicated team of sales and operational champions
  • Cold chain solution through our entire network
  • Dedicated temp-controlled spaces to protect your shipments in transit
  • CEIV-certified processes

We're here to help

We understand how critical these shipments are. We have decades of experience moving temperature-controlled shipments, so we encourage you to please contact us with any questions or concerns at 888-733-1866 or at EPXTC@aa.com.

The ExpediteTC promise

Meet Our Champions

Well-versed in temperature-controlled shipping solutions, our champions work closely with you and the operation to plan and deliver your shipments.

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Our Facilities

Our major stations include controlled room temperature (CRT), refrigerated (COL) or frozen (FRO) facilities to protect critical pharmaceutical products.

How we’re equipped »

Bringing Hope to Peru

When a child in South America was badly burned, a logistics manager in Texas needed to get a skin graft to Peru quickly and reliably.

Why he chose American »

Active and passive solutions

We offer both active and passive temperature-controlled solutions. Our procedures have been tested time and again, so you can rest easy knowing your shipment will reach its destination at its desired temperature.


Our active solution employs advanced, temperature-controlled containers to actively regulate temperature levels.

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Our passive solution protects pre-packaged shipments with cold packs or dry ice by our expert handlers and temperature-controlled environments along the cold chain. With state-of-the-art temperature facilities, passive shipments can be stored in controlled room temperature (CRT), refrigerated (COL) or frozen (FRO) facilities in transit, where available.

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Highest Boarding Priority
100% Flown as Booked Guarantee
Complete Shipment Tracking Online
Specialized Resource Desk
High Visibility Monitoring
Skilled Shipment Handling
Unique Labeling for Quick Identification
Detailed Checklist/Control Record for each Shipment
Contingency Planning
Worldwide Cold Chain Training Program
Convenient Container Lease Program
Container Repositioning
Re-icing & Battery Changes as Needed (t2 equipment)
QEP Accredited in 60+ Cities in more than 20 Countries
Controlled active container types temperature range
-20°C to +20°C (-4°F to 68°F)
Active Container Management (ACM) Areas
Controlled Room Temperature (CRT), Refrigerated (COL)
and Frozen (FRO) Facilities, where available

Approved tracking devices

It’s natural to want to monitor your precious cargo from takeoff to landing, so we allow different types of trackers accompany shipments on our aircraft. Download our list of approved tracking devices below.

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