Service for your most critical shipments.

For lifesaving medical emergencies.

MEDEVAC is a service American Airlines provides in conjunction with Air Traffic Control for time-critical, life-saving medical emergency and organ shipments. Urgently-needed medical materials or vital organs for transplant are shipped via our Priority Parcel Service (PPS) and expedited by Air Traffic Control as necessary.

  • Dedicated, proactive monitoring throughout the shipping process
  • Transport on the first, quickest flight to the final destination
  • Expedited aircraft with the help of Air Traffic Control
  • Special labeling to ensure enhanced visibility and care
  • Expedited recovery and specialized handling at the destination
  • 100% money-back guarantee of freight charges
    • Excluding weather and other uncontrollable incidents
How it works
  • Request the MEDEVAC designation for a shipment via the American Airlines Cargo Helpdesk at least two hours in advance of the shipment.
  • American will create an AWB (Air Waybill) and make the necessary MEDEVAC arrangements with Air Traffic Control.
  • Once MEDEVAC arrangements are finalized, the aircraft receives a special MEDEVAC designation and the flight is then granted the most direct flight path to the destination in addition to receiving a higher landing priority.
Book your MEDEVAC shipment today

To book a MEDEVAC shipment, call our American Airlines Cargo Help Desk at 1-800-334-5299 (option 1) or +1-817-355-6800 (option 1) if international.

You can also email us at with your shipment information to get started.

MEDEVAC rate sheet

Origin Destination Currency 50 LBS 70 LBS 100 LBS
CA-1 USD $145 $190 $240
US-1 USD $155 $180 $250
US-2 USD $170 $200 $280
US-3 USD $180 $205 $285
US-4 USD $170 $200 $280
CA-1 USD $170 $215 $265
US-1 USD $170 $215 $195
US-2 USD $145 $170 $245
US-3 USD $205 $225 $315
US-4 USD $190 $225 $310
CA-1 USD $180 $230 $280
US-1 USD $195 $235 $310
US-2 USD $210 $250 $350
US-4 USD $210 $250 $350
CA-1 USD $180 $230 $280
US-1 USD $170 $200 $300
US-2 USD $180 $230 $280
US-3 USD $200 $225 $310

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