Service for your most critical shipments.

Life-saving medical emergency and organ shipments.

MEDEVAC is a service American Airlines provides in conjunction with Air Traffic Control for time-critical, life-saving medical emergency and organ shipments. Urgently-needed medical materials or vital organs for transplant are shipped via our Priority Parcel Service (PPS) and expedited by Air Traffic Control as necessary.

MEDEVAC delivers
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  • Dedicated, proactive monitoring throughout the shipping process
  • Transport on the first, quickest flight to the final destination
  • Expedited aircraft with the help of Air Traffic Control
  • Special labeling to ensure enhanced visibility and care
  • Expedited recovery and specialized handling at the destination
  • Money-back guarantee for 100% of freight charges*
* Excludes weather and other uncontrollable incidents
How it works
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  • Request the MEDEVAC designation for a shipment via the American Airlines Cargo Helpdesk at least two hours in advance of the shipment.
  • American will create an AWB (Air Waybill) and make the necessary MEDEVAC arrangements with Air Traffic Control.
  • Once MEDEVAC arrangements are finalized, the aircraft receives a special MEDEVAC designation and the flight is then granted the most direct flight path to the destination in addition to receiving a higher landing priority.
Booking information
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To book a MEDEVAC shipment, contact the American Airlines Cargo Helpdesk:

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