Critical PPS

Fastest transit time. Proactive monitoring. Guaranteed.

All eyes on your most sensitive shipments.

For the most vital shipments that require an enhanced level of service, Critical PPS engages a proactive monitoring process that monitors the shipment from start to finish. Available in the U.S. and trans-border Canada stations, Critical PPS mobilizes our team to keep eyes on the most sensitive and irreplaceable shipments.

  • Priority boarding
  • Fastest transit time
  • Proactive shipment monitoring
  • Proactive notifications
  • Dedicated trace desk
  • Priority trace
  • 100% money-back guarantee of freight charges
    • Excluding weather and other uncontrollable incidents

Rest easy knowing it's all hands on deck for us. With proactive monitoring and constant oversight, our eyes are on your shipment.

Critical PPS commodity codes

Required Critical commodities

Some extremely time-sensitive and irreplaceable items demand a higher level of service, which is why we require the following commodities book as Critical PPS. We will not accept these commodities unless they're booked as Critical PPS.

  • SCP6108 Cord Blood
  • SCP9092 Human Eyes, Eye Tissue and Dehydrated Corneas
  • SCP9093 Human Organs

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Other Critical commodities

These commodity codes allow you to give your sensitive shipments the Critical PPS treatment they deserve.

  • SCP6099 Vaccines
  • SCP6109 Human Blood
  • SCP6501 Medicines, Pharmaceuticals
  • SCP8575 Medical Equipment (including supplies)
  • SCP7918 Critical Cargo
    • Non-medical items like legal documents, AOG, etc.

Please note that dangerous goods, animals and TLC shipments are not eligible for Critical PPS.

Book Critical PPS today

Critical PPS is only available for the domestic U.S. and Canada.

To book Critical PPS online using, simply select one of the following descriptions in the dropdown menu:

  • Vaccines Critical – 6099
  • Cord Blood Critical – 6108
  • Human Blood Critical – 6109
  • Medicines and Pharmaceuticals Critical – 6501
  • Medical Equipment Critical – 8575
  • Corneas Critical – 9092
  • Human Organs Critical – 9093
  • Critical Cargo – 7918

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Note: When booking vaccines, human blood, medicines/pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, or other critical cargo commodities as standard PPS, please select "General Cargo" under the "Commodity" dropdown menu.

You can also book Critical PPS shipments by calling our American Airlines Cargo Help Desk at 800-227-4622 (option 1), or by emailing with your shipment information.

Critical PPS rate sheet

See the chart below for Critical PPS rates. Please note that we apply a $45 service charge for all Critical PPS shipments in addition to the rates found below.

Origin Destination Currency 23K 32K 46K
US-1 CAD $120 $155 $195
US-2 CAD $150 $195 $235
US-3 CAD $150 $195 $235
US-4 CAD $150 $195 $235
Origin Destination Currency 50 LBS 70 LBS 100 LBS
CA-1 USD $110 $140 $180
US-1 USD $110 $140 $185
US-2 USD $125 $165 $205
US-3 USD $135 $175 $215
US-4 USD $125 $165 $205
CA-1 USD $125 $165 $200
US-1 USD $125 $165 $205
US-2 USD $65 $85 $125
US-3 USD $145 $190 $230
US-4 USD $135 $175 $215
CA-1 USD $135 $175 $210
US-1 USD $135 $175 $215
US-2 USD $145 $185 $225
US-4 USD $145 $175 $215
CA-1 USD $135 $175 $210
US-1 USD $135 $175 $215
US-2 USD $145 $185 $225
US-3 USD $145 $175 $215

Latest updates

Beginning August 19, we are increasing our Critical PPS service charge to $55.

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