We know that a lot of critical shipments in our care keep the world healthy – and we are dedicated to maintaining the health of those shipments. That’s why we have a range of products and priorities to help protect your shipments on their journey and ensure they have unique care.

From cord blood to organs, medical equipment to vaccines, we offer an array of services that provide temperature-controlled capabilities, priority boarding, full journey visibility, and coordination with air traffic for emergent, life-saving shipments. We understand Life Sciences often need the farthest transportation in the shortest amount of time and are all critical in their own way. We are proud to partner with you in getting these important shipments wherever they need to go.

Life Sciences / Healthcare products and priorities

Priority Parcel Service

This product is for shipments under 100lbs and receive next flight service and the highest boarding priority.

Critical PPS

This products is suited for the most vital shipments that require an enhanced level of service, including a proactive monitoring process that monitors the shipment from start to finish.


This service is provided in conjunction with air traffic control for time-critical, life-saving medical emergency and organ shipments.


This premium service is for bulk or containerized shipments, and includes flight-specific shipping, priority boarding and handling, and the fastest possible flight connections to more than 100 worldwide destinations.


This product has awarded us industry certification in pharmaceutical handling excellence and offers both active and passive temperature capabilities.

Making an impact

Bringing hope to Peru

When a child in South America was badly burned, a logistics manager in Texas needed to get a skin graft to Peru quickly and reliably.

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We're here to help

We have decades of experience moving all kinds of freight, including Life Sciences, so please contact us with any questions or concerns through our Customer Service page.