General Cargo

For decades, industry has relied on the speed of air cargo to keep the world forging ahead. As a critical part of the global supply chain, we move freight of all kinds throughout our network.

With daily flights to major cities in the U.S., Europe, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, Latin America and Asia, along with opportunities to truck your freight to off-line stations, keep your supply chain moving at the schedule and budget you need.

Booking is simple, and our best-in-class tools make it easier than ever to find the best route, book, tender, and track shipments all around the world.

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General Cargo Benefits

  • Reliable freight service
  • Seamless online booking experience
  • Earn Business Extra points
  • Global interline and trucking connections
  • Complete shipment tracking

Shipment Preparation

  • Must withstand 8 to 12 physical handlings
  • Must withstand pressure of up to 60 lbs/27 kgs per square foot
  • Must slide on any surface
  • Must withstand a 12-inch drop to any surface
  • Must tolerate 30 seconds in the rain

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