Online booking for ExpediteFS

With EZBook, your online booking request will never receive a space rejection.

How do I EZBook?

EZBook is available for ExpediteFSSM shipments of: 660 lbs/300 kgs or less, and 75 cubic feet or smaller.

  • Just go online and book your shipment
  • Your ExpediteFS shipment will EZBook if it fits the piece size and weight parameters
  • You'll get a confirmed booking for your requested flight
Why should I EZBook?
  • You'll see every ExpediteFS routing option available
  • You'll receive a confirmed booking for the space you want
  • You can relax knowing you've shipped it via ExpediteFS
ExpediteFS delivers
  • Premium boarding priority to ensure highest reliability
  • Faster cargo connections at all U.S. gateways
  • Faster ramp transfers at U.S. hub cities
  • Complete shipment tracking at each progress point
  • Always find space for shipments 660 lbs/300 kgs or less with EZBook
  • 50% money-back guarantee

Next steps

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