PPS Product Comparison Chart

Speed and reliability are the staple of our Priority Parcel Service (PPS) products, designed to provide you a nimble option when small shipments need the highest boarding priority at our more than 150 locations worldwide.

But not all PPS shipments are created equal, which is why we've developed a couple of different options designed to provide the level of service that's right for you and your shipment.

Simply review the chart below, pick the option that's right for you, and get your rate today.

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PPS Product Breakdown

All Commodities Available
Priority Boarding
Fastest Transit Time
Complete Shipment Tracking Online
Shortest Acceptance Connections & Recovery
Skilled Shipment Handling
Unique Labeling for Quick Identification
High-Visibility Report
Proactive Monitoring
Proactive Notifications
Dedicated Trace Desk
Priority Trace
Air Traffic Control Clearance
50% Money Back Guarantee
100% Money Back Guarantee
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All PPS shipments are not created equal. Check out our other PPS options below.