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We offer a variety of ways to book cargo space for your shipments, from making advanced reservations to online booking and more.

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Online Booking

For most shipments, you can reserve your spot quickly and effortlessly with our online booking program.

Greater Flexibility

  • Available 24 hours
  • Up-to-the-minute cargo space availability
  • Immediate confirmation

Register for online access

If you’re new to American Airlines Cargo, and have received your Precise Account Locator (PAL) number, please complete the Company Agreement form and designate a "Super Administrator", the person at your company who will be responsible for:

  • Creating and maintaining User IDs and access levels
  • Determining which PAL Account numbers each user will have access to when making bookings or tracking shipments
  • Assigning billing accounts, when applicable, for users to view, approve and/or pay invoices online

The sensitive nature of information available on our website requires a certain level of security be maintained, even within your own company. So we ask that a person of authority (e.g. Manager, Owner, President, etc.) submit the request.

Once we've verified access, usually within a day or two of receiving the Company Agreement, we'll send login information and additional instructions to the Super Administrator

Give us a call

Cargo Reservations Representatives are available to help book your shipment. Please have the following information ready when calling 1-800-CARGOAA (1-800-227-4622):

  • Your PAL number or name, complete address and telephone number
  • Total number of pieces
  • Total weight of shipment
  • Dimensions (length, width and height) of each piece you will be shipping
  • A description of the goods you are shipping
  • Origin city
  • Destination city
  • Requested time for arrival at destination or desired flight schedule
  • Consignee's PAL number or their name, complete address and telephone number

Once your booking is complete, you will receive an eight-digit air waybill number. You'll use this number to tender and track your shipment.

ExpediteFSSM and ConfirmedFSSM
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Please book all ExpediteFS and ConfirmedFS shipments in advance before you arrive at our cargo terminals. You can even book regular cargo and animals up to 10 days in advance.

Priority Parcel Service
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Our Priority Parcel Service (PPS) is available to more than 200 worldwide destinations and does not require advanced bookings. Additionally, we now accept up to 100 lbs. from the Caribbean, Mexico, Central and South America and to Japan.

Our Facilities Locator will help you plan your shipment with drop-off times, facility information and directions.

If you're a registered user, you can take advantage of Online Booking, which offers 24/7 access, provides instant space availability results and helps you plan your route.

You can book PPS shipments up to 10 days in advance up to same-day departure.

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Once your booking is complete, you'll receive an eight-digit air waybill number. You'll use this number for reference when dropping the shipment off and for tracking purposes afterwards.

You can monitor the progress of your shipment online, including the ability to view U.S. Customs information, when applicable, as it travels throughout our system. Track up to 10 air waybills, or login to view all your active air waybills and set-up email notifications.

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Registered users enjoy Online Booking with 24/7 access, instant space availability results and helps you plan your route.

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