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sensitive shipments

We make it our mission to deliver on the promise of commitment and service with every package, every load of freight, and every project for all customers. But for shipments that require more oversight, more care and faster service, Critical PPS is the perfect choice to handle the most sensitive items.

Because of our seamless integration into American Airlines’ Integrated Operations Center in Fort Worth, Texas, our Critical PPS operation is a well-oiled machine made up of analysts, shipment trackers, inventory specialists and cargo experts, all keeping a watchful eye on shipments flying all over the world. Our customers know they can depend on our Critical PPS team when it comes to handling more sensitive and critical materials, such as medical instruments and pharmaceuticals.

A fully flexed team of freight professionals carefully monitor all of our packages with an acute attention to detail. From the moment our Critical PPS freight are scanned into our system, they're watched closely from checkpoint to checkpoint, giving our customers the added value of oversight and constant monitoring. With a higher visibility level, Critical PPS gets customers their packages faster and more efficiently.

As one of our team members says, "in the big picture, that little step you took adds up to a success in the end, to a happy customer who got what they needed faster than they ever thought they could."

Through our proactive shipment monitoring, customers can get up-to-date tracking information that provides peace of mind knowing that their priority is our priority.

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