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Integration Update

October 7, 2014

Dear Cargo Customer,

Last month, you received a letter from our President Jim Butler advising you that on Monday October 20, 2014, we will be moving to one single air waybill (001). We are now less than two weeks away from this important transition date and we’d like to share more details on changes you can expect.

On October 14th, we will officially start transitioning to 001 air waybills for new shipments originating on or after October 20th. This means that starting October 14th, you will not be able to book 037 air waybills if the flight you are selecting originates on October 20th and beyond.

Keep the following important dates in mind:

Now through October 19th

  • Shipments originating now through October 19th may continue to be booked and tendered using 001 air waybills for American Airlines and 037 air waybills for US Airways flights.
  • Starting October 14th, you will notice that for flights departing October 20th and beyond, all US Airways flights will display with American Airlines flight numbers. These flights will have cargo capacity available to book.

October 20th and beyond

  • You will only be able to book using 001 air waybills and will be able to book for all flights across both American Airlines and US Airways networks.
  • You will not be able to book or tender freight on 037 air waybills.

We want to be sure you are prepared for the transition and recommend the following:

  • Starting today, visit to become familiar with our products and get the latest updates on our integration. You can also learn how to book, track and pay invoices online.
  • On October 20th, destroy any unused 037 air waybills on hand and replace them with 001 air waybills - your sales representative can assist with this.

We are focused on ensuring a smooth experience for you and your team as we transition to one Cargo organization. Should you have any questions about what to expect as we get closer to October 20th, please call our customer contact center at 1-800-227-4622, speak to your sales representative or visit

Thank you for your business. We appreciate your continued support and look forward to serving you.


American Airlines Cargo


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