Together, we're making history.

2019 makes our 75th year in business, and we're grateful for the partnerships we've forged with you to move the world's goods since 1944.

As worldwide consumer expectation grows, the brokers, forwarders and shippers responsible for making it happen have answered the call time and time again. You are the engine that moves the world forward, and in 2018, you chose us to carry it.

We thank you for choosing us as your partner.

In fact, you’re the reason behind our record-breaking freight volumes in 2018. You booked more freight on American than ever before, and in return, we provided the exceptional service you’ve come to rely on by breaking multiple flown-as-booked records.

You chose us to carry your freight in 2018. We ask that you choose American Airlines Cargo when you vote for Cargo Airline of the Americas and Cargo Airline of the Year.

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Investing in you

You trusted us, and now we’re returning the favor by investing in you.

Making it easy on you

We announced a groundbreaking partnership with IBS to make working with us more convenient than ever. We’re laying a foundation over the next few years to greatly reduce the amount of paper and manual work required of you.

Network keeps on growing

We continue to grow the largest network in the world. In 2019, we’re introducing three new seasonal widebody routes to Berlin (TXL), Bologna (BLQ) and Dubrovnik (DBV), and we’re excited to bring back seasonal widebody routes we debuted in 2018 to Budapest (BUD), Prague (PRG) and Venice (VCE).

Our fleet is getting younger

We continue to modernize our fleet for the future. Over the next five years, we will take delivery of 236 new airplanes. Most importantly, we’re adding 47 new Boeing 787 aircraft beginning in 2020 that are perfect for moving your goods around the world. Lots of space coming your way.

Protected our pets

We implemented changes to further ensure each animal entrusted to us receives the best-in-class travel experience they deserve. We now only ship animals on routes with a maximum of one connection and we added the Chow Chow to our list of restricted brachycephalic breeds.

'My cargo's in Havana...'

We became the first U.S. airline to offer mail service, including correspondence, parcels and express mail, in and out of Cuba.

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