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At American Airlines Cargo, there’s nothing more valuable to us than your partnership. So, in 2016, when you asked for change, we took action. From facility improvements that decreased wait times to the launch of our online tracking capabilities, we did everything possible to ensure your voice was heard. So, partner with us, and we’ll continue succeeding together. Vote for American as Cargo Airline of the Americas and Cargo Airline of the Year.

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Because we worked hard to deliver an exceptional service you can always rely on.

  • We launched new online tracking capabilities for enhanced visibility into your shipping process
  • We invested in our Cargo facilities to improve the drop off and pick up experience
  • We’ve added widebody service in Asia and the Pacific, with easy connections to Latin America and beyond
  • We invested in our cold-chain network, to support market growth and the need for a quicker, more streamlined experience
  • We developed a centralized approach to streamline the customer communication process
  • We’ve added more cargo-friendly aircraft, included the Boeing 787-9, with increased capacity and better fuel efficiency for long-haul flights
  • We’ve expanded our global network, so you have easy, direct access to more places than ever before
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