How to book the COVID-19 vaccine

We have an incredible privilege to be part of history by transporting COVID-19 vaccines.

Because of the complex nature of the vaccine, we've developed a short guide to help you book the COVID-19 vaccine with us to ensure it receives the right visibility and notification processes.

You can book your COVID vaccine shipment through our specialized COVID-19 Vaccine Desk. This dedicated team books and proactively monitors your shipment throughout its journey.

You can reach the desk between 4 a.m. and 11 p.m. CT at 1.888.733.1866 or by emailing

Email to book

What products to use for a COVID-19 vaccine booking

COVID-19 vaccine shipments should travel as either ExpediteTC or Critical PPS. Please use the table below to determine what product to use for your shipment.


Product Requirements

Vaccines in an Active container ExpediteTC – Active
Vaccines in passive boxes ExpediteTC – Passive

Critical PPS
Vaccine-related medical supplies All products available

Want your own visibility? Add a tracking device

It’s natural to want to monitor your precious cargo from takeoff to landing, so we allow different types of trackers accompany shipments on our aircraft. These tracking devices below have been approved for carriage.

View a list of approved tracking devices (PDF) »

Proactive notifications

For the in-depth visibility and tracking you need, you will receive proactive notifications from our system that will notify you and your chosen contacts of the following events throughout the shipment's journey.

  • Booked (Details of all flights)
  • Booking flight change updates
  • Shipment accepted
  • Departed
  • Arrived
  • Received from flight
  • Transferred out
  • Notified for delivery
  • Delivered

What we'll need from you

Protecting this critical vaccine is up to both of us, so there are a few things we'll need from you to ensure it receives the right service.

  • Let us know when you are making a COVID-19 vaccine shipment so we can assign our special handing code (SHC) to the shipment to trigger the right visibility and processes
  • Accurately state the amount of dry ice so we can safely accommodate your shipment
  • Keep tracking devices inside the container to best measure the temperature of the shipment
  • Confirm that your tracker is on our approved list
  • Share the best contacts for proactive notifications